Forever Jobless – Internet Business Investing

Billy Murphy from is a successful entrepreneur and ex-professional poker player who joined me for an episode of the Mad Fientist Financial Independence Podcast to share some of his business knowledge and talk about his experiences investing in internet businesses.


How to Retire Early with 13 Kids

A reader named Rob recently left a comment on the FI Laboratory post saying that according to the FI Tracker, he’ll be able to retire in 13 years.

While achieving financial independence in 13 years is great on its own, what makes this number extremely impressive is that he’s...

FI Laboratory

Today, I’m excited to release the first version of the FI Laboratory!

The FI Laboratory is a web application I’ve been working on that contains useful tools to help you on your journey to financial independence and early retirement.

If you’ve read the classic...

Guinea Pig – Update #1

If you didn’t understand why I’m a big fan of tax-advantaged accounts before, this post will convince you.

Welcome to the first update in our Guinea Pig experiment, the experiment where we start from scratch and watch the entire journey of someone going from $0 net worth to...


I wonder what my HR department thinks of me.

Not only am I probably one of the youngest employees maxing out all of the available tax-advantaged accounts, I recently elected to divert nearly my entire paycheck toward these accounts.

Since I’ll be quitting my job sometime this...